Testing of electric control methods in gliders


01.01.2019  - 01.03.2023

Project goal

With this project, the ILS wants to support the students of AKAFLIEG Stuttgart in a very ambitious project to equip a glider with a three-axis fly-by-wire system for the first time. To do this, ILS is drawing on its Flexible Avionics Platform and the associated AAA process. This makes it relatively easy to design and implement fly-by-wire systems and also to qualify them from around 2021. The central verification activities will take place at the HiL of the Flexible Avionics Platform at ILS.

Project start

fs36-FlyByWire is realized within the framework of the aeronautical research project LuFo V3 (funded by BMWi) with AKAFLIEG Stuttgart.

Cooperations partner

Projektmitarbeiter und -mitarbeiterinnen

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