Certt - FBW23


Certification Technologies for Fly-by-Wire EASA CS23 Aircraft


01.01.2014  - 31.03.2017

Project goal

From ILS' point of view, the basis for the CERTT research project was the xAx process, i.e. the automatic generation of requirements for an integrated avionics system without applications. xAx is capable of automatically generating the requirements for system, high-level and low-level software. This is done in dual form. That is, each requirement is available both in textual form and in the form of an Abstract State Machine (TASM). From the ILS point of view, the core task of CERTT23-FBW was to first develop a basic procedure which, by automatically analyzing the requirements available in TASMs, first automatically generates the corresponding test cases and, in a further step, taking into account test technology and information about the test environment, generates the test procedures in the form of automatically executable test scripts for the distributed, integrated avionics system.

Projektmitarbeiter und -mitarbeiterinnen

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