A framework for applications in Javascript with a look&feel of desktop applications.


since 01.06.2019


jsApplication is a JavaScript framework for creating desktop-like applications as single-page HTML pages. jsApplication provides classes for UI elements, similar to those of object-oriented languages such as Java or C#. jsApplication includes standard UI elements, such as View, Container, Menu, Button, Table, MsgBox, Modal, Tabbar, Splash, TextCtrl, SelectCtrl, RadioCtrl, CheckboxCtrl. In addition, it includes unconventional UI elements, such as Sticky, Bubble, Dash and Tool. jsApplication is based on a global CSS definition, which can be used to define a customizable but consistent look for your own applications. No server-side scripts or calculations are required to use jsApplication, meaning no server is needed at all. An HTML file and a browser are sufficient.

jsApplication is available as open source under the MIT license. It uses parts of the Bootstrap and jQuery frameworks.

Website: https://jsapplication.gitlab.io/jsapplication/

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