Institute of Aircraft Systems (ILS)

Avionics systems - integrated, highly reliable, middleware-based - used with methods of automated development and qualification

Institut für Luftfahrtsysteme

Modern aircraft require complex and powerful avionics. The development and qualification is very costly and time-consuming. The ILS developed a new method to automate development and qualification. The method is built up on a middleware-based avionics platform and new knowledge-based algorithms. A first version was demonstrated in 2012 by developing a highly redundant Fly-by-Wire system for a DA42 (first flight 2012). The corresponding research project SAFAR was nominated on the short list (four candidates world wide) for the international "Flightglobal Achievement Award - Innovator Of The Year" in 2013. The winner was the project "Curiosity / Marsrover" by NASA. The lectures held at the ILS are oriented on this high standard for innovative avionics platforms, development and qualification methods.


This image shows Reinhard Reichel

Reinhard Reichel

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Head of institute


Institute of Aircraft Systems

Pfaffenwaldring 27, 70569 Stuttgart

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