Automation of security analyses for cyber-physical systems in the transportation sector.


01.06.2019  - 01.07.2021

Project goal

Many of today's safety-critical systems are based on digital computing platforms on which
system functions are primarily housed as software. Several system functions share the
resources of a computer. The proof that a system is safe is provided by estimating the probabilities of malfunctions.
the probability of malfunctions occurring. With computer platform-based
knowledge of the platform, the assignment of the software and the understanding of the system.
understanding of the system. To gather this information manually and to evaluate it in the course of a
analysis is very time-consuming. Many companies invest heavily in
software support for security analysis, but this is not capable of creating the necessary error
automatically. In cooperation with Delta System Solutions GmbH, AUTOSAFE
a software prototype is to be developed, which automatically creates complete and comprehensible fault trees.
automatically. This should enable the development of a compact fault model as well as a method for the automated
a method for the automated inclusion of external events.

Project start

Autosafe is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of a ZIM project.


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