All research areas & projects at the institute

A modern aircraft requires complex and high-performance avionics, but their development and qualification is becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming. We research methods to automate, simplify and optimize processes of complex safety-critical systems and optimal avionics platforms. We recognize that artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies have the potential to revolutionize aviation systems. We are committed to developing technical methods that ensure the safe and reliable use of complex or AI-enabled systems in critical applications. We work closely with partners so that our results have a lasting impact on the aerospace industry. We stand for purposeful and reliable research and education in technologies and methods for the design, development and certification of next generation aerospace systems.

Avionics platforms

Hardware, software, operating systems, and middleware for safety-critical real-time distributed computing platforms such as integrated modular avionics, flexible and self-organizing avionics platforms, and redundant system, real-time, fault detection and isolation techniques, virtualization, containering, and time-dependent networking.

Certification methods

Safety methods for AI-enabled aerospace systems throughout the lifecycle, from system specification to implementation to operations, i.e., formal methods, assurance methods, automation, and artifact generation.

Methods & tools

Mathematics, computer science, and tools that make the development and assurance of safety-critical systems more efficient and mature, e.g., domain-specific modeling, planning algorithms, system visualization and processing, and systems engineering.

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