Hybrid avionics lab to study quadruplex behavior

Funded by:

"Freiraum 2022" ("Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching")


01.09.2022 - 30.09.2024

"Hybrid Lab My Aviation System"

The HYMASY project was created to establish an innovative, hybrid avionics laboratory specifically for students in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in aerospace engineering.

We know that developing and operating redundant avionics systems, especially for large-scale applications, can be challenging. Therefore, we have specialized in untangling this complexity with the lectures "Aerospace Systems I and II" and "System Design I", complemented by the practice-oriented "Practical Course System Design II".

Our hybrid lab offers you as a student the unique opportunity to put theoretical concepts into practice. You will experience first-hand how phenomena discussed in lectures such as clock drift, force-fight and monitoring errors occur despite correct components. You will also gain insight into the implementation of mitigation mechanisms and their impact on system behavior.

Phases of the project:
  1. System setup: The "System Design II" lab will be equipped with four workstations, each implementing a Quadruplex system with Arduino Mega 2560. Each Arduino corresponds to a computer lane, which can operate cross-lane communication via RS485 and be controlled and monitored via Ethernet.

  2. Analysis and instrumentation: workstations will be augmented with oscilloscopes to help students learn how to use these instruments as well as perform signal analysis. Complementing this, space shuttle orbiters will be implemented with redundant sensors that will be handled in the avionics systems.

  3. Integration and expansion: Furthermore, we plan to set up additional workstations that are also equipped with cameras. These workstations will be accessible via a web interface and integrated into the "Aerospace Systems I" exercise. This will result in a total of six physical and 14 virtual workstations that can be used in the "Aerospace Systems I and II" exercises and in the "System Design II" practical course.


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