Automatic SW instantiation, automatic documentation, automatic verification technology for a flight control platform for CS23 aircraft.


01.07.2016  - 01.09.2019

Project goal

The LUFO V/2 research project AAA-FCP23 is based on the technology of the Flexible Avionics Platform and the AAA process from the predecessor projects such as SeSyC and CERTT23-FBW. The platform management (PlaMa) developed in this project includes a middleware and sideware. The PlaMa middleware takes over the tasks of communication, secure error detection and data consolidation. Based on the PlaMa middleware, the PlaMa sideware makes decisions regarding the resources to be managed (redundancy management) and the operating modes to be executed (operation management). While the predecessor projects focused on the PlaMa middleware, the goal of AAA-FCP23 is to further develop the Flexible Avionics Platform and the AAA process with respect to the PlaMa sideware.

Although the PlaMa middleware contributes the larger share of approx. 80% to PlaMa, the PlaMa sideware is significantly more varied. One of the reasons for this is the operation management. It ensures that the avionics system performs the appropriate tasks in all phases of the life cycle and missions. Depending on the type/size of the aircraft and the philosophy of the customer, this results in different requirements. The PlaMa-Sideware must therefore be structured in such a way that it can be automatically generated by abstract specifications on the system level, but without having to accept restrictions with regard to flexibility for user-specific requirements. For this purpose, the AAA process must be revised and extended at all levels. The goal at the end of this project is to be able to automatically generate the software for the PlaMa sideware including the corresponding requirements and test cases and procedures at system level, software high level and software low level.


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