Remotely Piloted Air Systems


A control platform for "Remotely Piloted Air Systems" of aircraft of the CS23 class


01.01.2020  - 0103.2024

Project goal

With the "European ATM Master Plan: Roadmap for the safe integration of drones into all classes of airspace", a roadmap for RPAS operations under IFR conditions in all open airspace classes A...G is defined for the first time. Further documents define for the first time how RPAS, based on CS23 class aircraft, are to be classified and consequently assigned quality and safety requirements. The aim of this project is to develop a control platform for RPAS based on the Flexible Avionics Platform, which on the one hand fulfills the required safety and quality requirements, on the other hand has all functional capabilities to operate under IFR in open airspace and finally also has the capability to automate all other systems in the aircraft in a fault-tolerant manner. To validate the approach, it is planned to have an aircraft of the CS23 class operate unmanned under IFR in open airspace - i.e. also without a safety pilot.

Project start

RPAS23-CP is realized within the framework of the aeronautical research project LuFo VI-1 (funded by BMWi) with several partners.

Cooperations partner

Projektmitarbeiter und -mitarbeiterinnen

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