Technology, processes and digital services for cabin and avionics network applications on a generic computing platform.


  • Universität Hamburg


01.06.2020  - 01.09.2024

Project goal

In the TALIA research project, ILS is working on two core aspects: Qualifiable Metamodeling (METACERT) and Adaptive Integrated Modular Avionics (ADIMA). The goal of the project is to reduce the time and cost of configuring IMA and comparable avionics platforms.


  • METACERT addresses the development of a potentially qualifiable framework for domain-specific modeling, which should enable complex data structures, model transformations and automations to be implemented efficiently, deterministically and verifiably. This shall be done by removing all uncertain constructs from the modeling, by generating software components directly, by developing a qualifiable runtime environment for data models, by working out methods for the visualization of large amounts of data and additionally by partially automating the tool qualification by means of document generation.


  • ADIMA addresses the development of novel adaptive methods that enable IMA modules to self-detect connected peripherals and dynamically allocate partitions at runtime.

    The use of these methods should lead to a reduction of configuration parameters that have to be created manually and, for the first time, show a way towards the qualifiable use of self-configuration in the field of industrial IMA.

Project start

TALIA is realized within the framework of the aeronautical research project LuFo VI-1 (funded by BMWi) with several partners.


Cooperations partner

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