Sesymm - Secured System for Manned Multicopter


Secured System for Manned Multicopter


01.04.2019  - 01.03.2023

Project goal

The central subject of the SESYMM research project is the AAA process. This was basically developed in the aviation research projects SeSyC, CERT23-FBW, AAA-FCP23 and others. In this process, the Axx process part largely automatically generates the software instance for an integrated, highly fault-tolerant avionics system. From the resulting knowledge models, the xAx process part automatically generates the requirements at the system level and the software levels (high and low). From these requirements, the xAx process part automatically generates the requirements-based test cases and finally the test procedures. From ILS' point of view, the core of SESYMM is the further development of the AAA process approach in such a way that the artifacts generated by it meet DAL A requirements. This makes it possible to perform the system and software qualification of an avionics system largely automatically in accordance with the highest aviation quality standard. A second focus is the development of virtual system verification. It enables the pre-qualification of systems in the simplex simulation environment of the system and the subsequent automatic test-re-run on the test rig with redundant target hardware.

Project start

SESYMM is realized within the framework of the aeronautical research project LuFo V3 (funded by BMWi) with several partners.

Cooperations partner

Projektmitarbeiter und -mitarbeiterinnen

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