Applied research and education


Our research focuses on Avionics, Fly-by-Wire and automotive X-by-Wire systems. System aspects like safety, fault tolerance, reliability and (cost) efficiency have priority. In detail we work on

  • new, open and cost-efficient system approaches for Fly-by-Wire and X-by-Wire systems
  • new validation/ verification processes for safety-critical systems
  • quantitative evaluation criteria for complex avionics systems
  • design processes for distributed and IMA-based avionics systems            


Research results are used in the following areas:

  • Fly-by-Wire systems for aeroplanes of General Aviation and UAVs
  • X-by-Wire systems for vehicles
  • conception of IMA-based aviation systems
  • distributed avionic systems in the aeroplane cabin


Our teaching focuses on the following topics:

  • modern avionic systems – key requirements and solution approaches
  • conception of safety-critical and fault tolerant systems
  • Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)
  • development processes and safety analysis


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