Powerful and efficient avionics platforms for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft


  • Technische Universität Braunschweig
  • Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg


01.01.2016  - 01.09.2019

Project goal

The Flexible Platform developed at ILS extends the platform approach by a generic redundancy and resource management, so that this does not have to be newly developed for each system function application.

Within the framework of AVATAR, the Flexible Platform of the ILS will be ported to commercially available IMA hardware. 
To ensure compatibility with existing applications as well as hardware without applications, the platform should be able to be used selectively.
This requires selectivity at the module level, so that partitions with and without middleware can run side by side without unintentionally affecting each other. 
For compatibility with modules without applications, selectivity must also be implemented at the network level.

In AVATAR the knowledge of the projects AAA-FCP23, SysTAvio and SeSyC is to be used whereby an automatic instantiation of the software is to be made possible. 
For this purpose, the toolchains of ILS and the industry partners have to be connected via a suitable interface and the functions of the flexible platform have to be adapted to ARINC653P4.

AVATAR closure

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